Perhaps you have never thought of what your door looks like, perhaps you don’t even notice anymore because you’re always in a rush and bursting through with bags of food shopping. But, a door is a gateway to your home. It is your guests’ first impression of who you are. Therefore, we have a range of Composite and UPVC doors, and we can custom design timber and aluminum doors to create a front door that suits both your home and your personality. But you can’t make this decision without knowing the difference so let’s go through the process… 

Composite doors are made from a variety of materials such as PVC, wood, insulating foam and glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) which are all pressed together. By using a range of materials, each of their benefits is utilised to create a secure and sturdy door. The composite door has a foam-filled timber core used for insulation as it has a far higher thermal resistance than wood. Although one of the most modern types of door, the core is covered in GRP that not only prevents damage like scratches, it has a wood grain effect to make it look more traditional and authentic. The great thing about GRP is that it’s resistant to weather and seasonal changes so you won’t have to worry about maintenance because removing dirt is only a wipe away. 

In comparison, Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride (UPVC) doors are purely plastic wrapped around a galvanised steel core. Although cheaper than a composite door, they’re still practical and secure with high insulation, resistance to denting and weathering and easy to maintain. A huge benefit of UPVC doors in today’s climate is that they’re environmentally friendly. If you like the sound of this door there are hundreds of designs to choose from to find your perfect door with minimal glazing to maximum glazing. 

We have a variety of different timber doors on offer but if you have something particular in mind, we can build your very own unique product in mahogany, oak or pine. Timber doors are incredibly popular at the moment because of their timeless style and minimal environmental impact: they are sustainable, don’t use toxins and there is less waste involved. However, wooden doors involve a little more maintenance than UPVC and composite doors. 

Aluminum doors are typically used for commercial properties as the strong material allows for high usage with low maintenance. However, aluminium doors can be made much larger than the previously listed doors if you desire more natural light in your home. 

Clearly, a door is not just a door. There are so many different options to consider so if you would like to view any designs or discuss your dream door phone us on 01206 863118 or email us at