Timber Products In Colchester

Timber Products In Colchester

At Colchester Glazing Company, we are able to provide a range of timber products in Colchester that is perfect for your home. 

We have a large selection of traditional and contemporary styles that can be made bespoke to your tastes and home. 

About Us 

Colchester Glazing Company was founded in 1999 and to date, we are one of the largest independent glazing companies in Colchester. 

We are a family run company which started as a small commercial and domestic minor glazing service and since we have built up a workforce that you can call in the middle of the night for any repairs, as w3ell as purchase any new windows you may need. 

Our Timber Products

Our timber doors come in a range of styles and wooden materials, including: 

  • Mahogany
  • Oak 
  • Pine

Colchester Glazing Company understands that your timber door in Colchester is the first impression you make when guests enter your home. So we guarantee that we will provide the best door for your home’s aesthetic and you ensure that your first impression is a positive one. 

Here at Colchester Glazing Company, we also provide a range of timber window frames including casement windows, sash windows, and more for you to choose from, and with our many choices in high quality, and premium glazing, you can ensure that our timber products in Colchester will be secure and energy-efficient! 

Contact Colchester Glazing Company

Here at Colchester Glazing Company, we care about our customer’s safety. So we provide an incredible emergency service that is available 24/7 where we can refit and repair any window or door necessary. 

Call our team and we can discuss your timber products in Colchester with you. You can get in touch by calling us on 01206 584 091, or email our team at info@cgcservices.co.uk.