Sunlight and natural light can benefit our health in so many ways from physical to mental health, did you know being in the sun actually triggers chemicals in the brain instantly improving mood?

For those of us who are low in Vitamin D are at higher risk of suffering with depression and anxiety but with only 10-15 minutes three times a week can boost that vitamin deficiency enough the alleviate the chances of getting depression and can drastically reduce symptoms of anxiety. That is with less than one hour a week in natural light!

With evidence of sunlight benefiting these different areas why aren’t we planning new ways to incorporate light into our homes, with more windows, more open spaces? At Colchester Glazing we have a five star selection of amazing products which can enable you to have a lighter and brighter living space. Perhaps a conservatory?

With this suggestion, not only does it bring in the light it increases space, conservatories are a brilliant way to increase your floor plan and the amount of light in your house, with a wide range to choose from, bespoke and pre-designed, you can definitely find the one which suits you and your style.

Another great point of conservatories are when you build them there is no need for tricky negotiations in planning permission because you don’t need any! Meaning it’s a quicker much cheaper way of building out your house. And as it if couldn’t get any better the addition of this glass structure can add around 5% on the price of your house!

All of these benefits and also increasing your mental and physical health. What is not to love about that? Colchester Glazing have a great range of different conservatories with high quality materials and fittings. We also have the option to offer a bespoke design to suit your land and area in the best way.

So why not get in contact today with Colchester Glazing to find out more on how you can add light and energy to your home?

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