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Here at Colchester Glazing and Frames, we are one of the only Residential Glazing companies that also service Commercial needs. We look to maintain our reputation when it comes to both aspects of our business. 

Colchester Glazing and Frames are one of the only successful Residential Glazing Companies in Colchester. This is because many businesses alike are always looking to cater for commercial needs. 

Although we believe that commercial needs are something that is important to the day to day running of our business. We do not however, prioritise our commercial clients over our residential clients. 

Similarly, a Residential Glazing Company such as ours is something that will look to build upon the superb work we carry out on a consistent basis. With the experienced staff and their expert knowledge we can ensure all clients that they really are getting the finest service. 

If you are interested in speaking to a professional Residential Glazing Company then give Colchester Glazing and Frames a call today. You can reach us on 01206 863 118. We are always happy to pass you over to a team member who can assist you in any way you need.


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Furthermore, the success of our business is arguably down to the adaptability of each team member here at Colchester Glazing and Frames. With the developments being made into how a commercial business can adapt their image to benefit their business more. 

Subsequently, it seems that the developments into residential needs had been halted. However we have not stopped our developments into residential needs. Hence why we are a leading Residential Glazing Company, especially in Colchester.

We would love the chance to be able to speak to you about what we can do for you as an individual. We look to develop the interests of the individual and all of their needs. Being a Residential Glazing Company we look to develop your individual needs. 

If you are interested in personal service and would love the chance to speak to an expert then be sure to get in contact with one of our team members today. They can advise you on what option is best to take for you. 

You can call us today on 01206 863 118. We will happily pass you through to the relevant person for your needs. 

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