Updating your old windows to new double glazed ones can be a thought you spend quite some time pondering over. You ask yourself questions like, will they look as authentic? Will the new windows affect the aesthetic of the building? Will they be worth the initial cost? Is it worth the mess? In this blog, we hope to highlight the reasons why you should do it.

Old style sash windows are stunning within their own right. They add a quirk that modern-day windows seem to lack stereotypically. However, we all know and are fully aware that they can let in bitter drafts during the winter and welcome damp to spore. They can even cause an issue of excessive noise. We know it can be an ongoing battle between looks and functionality.

The idea of new windows is daunting with the obvious issue of cost, however, this can be redeemed with the saving you make on your heating bills. Studies have shown you can save up to £110 a year with A grade double glazing, let alone triple glazing.

With a standard double glazed window lasting around 35 years, that means in a window’s lifetime you could save £3,800!

With the government now making double glazing mandatory in new build projects. Estate agents have revealed that they can also easily add 10% on top of your home’s pricing. Property buyers have also said they are actually deterred from buying a property if it has single glazing windows.  

If money isn’t an incentive then how about comfort? In single glazed buildings, you can tell in an instant the heating is switched off. On partially windy days you can physically feel the cold draft wander in. With double glazing, it prevents that warmth from escaping through the old seals and the thin panes of glass. Double glazing is designed to be insulting and not only to keep the outside out but to keep the inside in.

Double glazed and triple glazed windows also prevent the risk of condensation. Condensation can cause a number of issues not only aesthetically, in the way of mould and discolouration on surfaces but also can cause and encourage dangerous toxic moulds to grow and sport. Toxic mould can cause nasty strains of asthma and many other illnesses in worst-case scenarios it can also be lethal to humans after long term exposure.

All of the above can be achieved and avoided quite simply with replacement windows. Windows now can be designed bespoke to fit the aesthetic and desired look you are after. So you don’t have to compromise on how your building will look after the changeover.

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