Residential Glazing Services

When it comes to residential glazing services, you are in no safer hands than Colchester Glazing. With over 20 years experience, we have the reputation to back up our services. We are a company that has worked hard to earn respect. With our excellent reputation, customers know that they can rely on us.

Colchester Glazing and Frames began with its founder, Brian Garrity. He started in the industry as an apprentice at the age of 16. He worked his way through the company that he was employed by. Eventually, Brian became manager of several of the branches throughout the UK. Later, he moved into domestic and commercial glazing with High Way Glass. Soon after, he decided to begin his own company. He began Colchester Glazing in 1999 as a sole trader, becoming quite successful. In 2001, Colchester Glazing became an Ltd company with a much larger workforce. Nonetheless, it has still remained as a family company.

What Is Glazing? – Residential Glazing Services

What is glazing, you may ask? To begin with, it is an old Middle English word. It is part of a wall or window made of glass. It can also be used to describe work that has been done by a professional glazier.

There are a number of different types of glazing. Amongst the most common would be double glazing. This is when there are two panes of glass in a frame that have a space between them, or a vacuum. Furthermore, these are windows that are specifically designed to reduce heat loss from buildings. The result is much more affordable energy bills.  They may keep the heat in, but did you know that they can also keep the heat out? Yes, heat can get trapped in the void between the panes of glass and the result is that the room may be cooler for it.

When you are searching for residential glazing services, be sure to come to Colchester Glazing. We have a highly experienced team that possesses the skills to get the job done as efficiently as possible while doing the job correctly. To find out more, visit our website on, email us at, or give us a call on 01206 863 118.