Emergency Glazing Essex

Searching for Emergency Glazing Essex? Then look no further, Colchester Glazing Company has the service you are looking for!

Having your glass smashed on a door or window can be a scary moment, as it can leave your building unprotected! Don’t worry for long as Colchester Glazing Company can help resolve this.

We are able to provide emergency repair services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This service includes Window Repairs, Door Repairs and Garage Door Repairs for both domestic and commercial companies. So you can be rest assured no matter what building you are in!


Why Choose Colchester Glazing Company?

Emergency Glazing Essex

All of our members of staff are trained to a high standard, and works accordingly to the UK building regulations. To make sure you always receive a service of maximum quality.

At Colchester Glazing Company, we are able to repair existing windows as part of our emergency repair services. If a window pane is smashed or dented, rather than completely replacing the window entirely we can repair it instead. Making the whole process more cost effective, as well as more environmentally friendly.


Additionally, we can repair, refit or install any door as part of our emergency repair services. If the glazing has been smashed or the frame damaged, we will get to your property as quickly as possible ensuring the security of your property.

It does not matter where you are located, because with our lifting equipment it enables us to reach the tallest structures and windows. So, you can have your glass repaired in the shortest period of time!


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