April showers are here we know about it. But during April showers it really highlights what you’ve been missing, especially when you’ve just got in after a long days work and are hunting for your keys in you bag. By the time you’ve found them in the bottom left hand corner you are drenched traipsing soggy foot prints up to the heater to try to dry out. Make this the last April you have to do it. Because Colchester Glazing have an amazing selection of over the door canopies which can shelter you during those sudden downpours.

Gone are the days of getting caught out in the rain on your way in. Because not only is a canopy totally useful when it’s raining it can bring great curb appeal for buyers when buying a house. Also can add money to the value of your property too! In fact the majority of people decide whether they are going to buy the property they are viewing from before they get out of the car, so make sure that first glance is the best it can be.

Canopies can also act as an amazing way to add character to a building which looks the same as all the others down your street. This will certainly make it more desirable to any onlooker passing by. Being super multi purpose they can be used for great areas to leave you wellies umbrellas and other things you rather not drag inside al mucky. So really what is not to love?

Some people like them as an addition to their house as they can can work as brilliant wind and weather breaks, over prolonged periods of time we see our doors and widows take full effects of all weather from sun damage and fading to peeling paint on your door frame, with the canopy taking the brunt of the weather off you door, your front or back entrance is less likely to be damaged by the sun, wind and rain.

In conclusion, they can make you home look amazing, make people more interested in your property when you come to sell it, they save you from getting sodden in spring showers and also leave a great place to leave your wellies out.

If a canopy is something you are interested in why not get in contact with Colchester Glazing today. With over 17 years of experience frame your house with us.

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