Composite Doors Colchester

Looking for composite doors in Colchester? You have come to the right place. The Colchester Glazing Company proudly offer a wide variety of composite doors for you to choose from. 


Why Choose Us?

We founded the company in 1999. However, it is one of the largest independent emergency glazing companies in the area. We are a family run business and therefore had humble beginnings. For instance, we provided minor glazing work to domestic customers and small commercial companies. We have stoked hard since then to build up our workforce and our company. How? We offer insurance work for large companies, domestic and commercial.

In fact, we now offer our customers a wide range of services! Nationwide insurance companies trust us to provide the best services!

Composite Doors Colchester

So, why should you go for a composite door rather than a UPVC door? Well, first of all, we can offer you both. This means that we can offer you advice on what would be best for you. UPVC doors are made entirely of plastic. Composite doors are different in this respect. The wide range of materials is compressed and glued together in high-pressure conditions. Perhaps the most obvious difference between the two very different kinds of doors!


Composite Doors

Composite doors are, in fact, a lot thicker than UPVC doors. In fact, composite doors average 44 mm while UPVC doors average 28mm. Composite doors are also made from superior materials the majority of the time and this results in them being strong, secure, durable as well as weather-resistant. 

UPVC doors all look rather similar, don’t they? Often a shiny white material with a window or two. To be honest, they can look rather dull. However, this does not mean they are not a great door. Ultimately, with composite doors, you can get more variety in colour as well as in style. 

Whether you are looking for composite doors in Colchester or something else, when it comes to your window and door needs, we are here to help. You can make an inquiry on our contact page, or you can call us on: 01206 863 118, or email us at: We look forward to hearing from you!