This spring the UK followed Europe’s configuration and we too went into lockdown. If all reports are to be believed, it was stated throughout the media that hundreds upon hundreds of looting related thefts began throughout the UK. Shopfronts, Bar and Restaurant windows and entrances were destroyed, smashed aside the chaos and stocks looted. Shockingly even vital medical supplies were stolen during March 2020. British Police prepared for bordering anarchy as the country clambered for toilet rolls and pasta as the death toll began to rise.

For all commercial sectors, especially those with glimmering wares purveyed for the masses to see, in these uncertain and frightening times, having insurance against the unpredictable is, of course, vital, but having reliable contactable contractors available is absolutely paramount. Knowing that you can contact the professionals should the unexpected happen is a comfort in these very traumatic days.

As safe contractors, with Covid-19 methods of safe working in a place and being practised, Colchester Glazing Co. provides a large range of emergency Glazing and Locksmith services in both the residential and commercial sector.

Its reputation, built over decades allows work on behalf of major insurance company players from all across the country as well as for social housing and residential clients alike. CGC can supply windows, locks, garage doors and plumbing services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as part of its many emergency services packages, which are unsurpassed for quality and service within the local Colchester area.
All its staff are qualified and trained to the highest standards, providing quality craftsmanship.

Contact the professionals 24/7 on 01206 863118 or for general enquiries please visit us at D46 Moorside Business Centre, Colchester CO1 2ZF or e-mail the team at